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About Us

JEL Development is a privately owned, fully-integrated real estate developer based in Boca Raton, Florida. Our development projects include multi-family, residential, and commercial real estate in South Florida.

For over 20 years we have completed real estate projects and generated returns for our investors. 

JEL Development is built on results, transparency, and strong personal relationships. Investing with our company means investing with a proven partner. One with a track record of producing successful developments and generating dependable returns.

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JEL Executive Team

JEL Development’s success stems from the experience and leadership of its executive team. 

David Kislin

Founder and Manager

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Federico Baldeschi 

Head of Property Management and General Contracting

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The Story of JEL Development


JEL Development’s Founder David Kislin started his real estate development career in 2001. After years of success of trading physical commodities Kislin sought a career change. He wanted to work with something he could manage himself and see physical results with his own eyes.

Growing up in Brooklyn and New York City his whole life Kislin fell in love with Real Estate. He was surrounded by its utter beauty. Kislin saw on many occasions the transformative change a good real estate project can create for a neighborhood or an entire city.  

This created his desire to develop real estate projects that create positive change in addition to monetary returns. Kislin started his first real estate venture in 2001.

Since then he has built, managed, sold, and financed over $300 million of real estate transactions in South Florida, New York, and beyond.

A Proven Partner

Throughout our existence, we have earned a reputation of success in the industry. This success stems from our ability to execute and generate dependable, attractive returns for our investors.  

The reasons are straightforward. Real estate development requires expertise in many areas. These areas include financing, law, zoning, taxes, construction management, marketing, and property management to name a few. Our success has come from our mastery of these areas and our ability to navigate and resolve problems.

We can execute the most complex of projects from start to finish. As a vertically integrated real estate developer we have a multi-disciplinary approach.

As developers, we act as the executive orchestrating various parties and trades.

Disputes between different parties are common. But our experience, knowledge, and constant presence ensure these matters are resolved and project expectations are exceeded.

Vision For the Future

We will continue to develop exceptional properties that generate current returns and long-term appreciation for our investors.

Further, JEL Development strives to be part of the solution. We aim to use real estate development as a means to create positive results in the communities we invest in. As such, we aspire to develop, own, and manage real estate properties that will improve communities for the better. 

Moving forward, JEL Development will continue to develop, manage and own a sizable portfolio of real estate assets. This will be achieved through the continued growth of our brand, portfolio, and team.

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